I started breathing in 1984 and soon realized words are almost all we have.

In 1997 I read ‘The Razor’s Edge’, wrote a piece my teacher complimented, and decided I wanted to work with books. In 2006 I was already working in a publishing house, while studying Philosophy in college. After that imprint three others followed, and also a degree in Publishing.

In 2011 I became a freelancer, working as an editorial consultant, a proofreader, and translator (at Com Texto). Over the years, I have worked with very interesting clients, in missions that have taken me, for instance, to Angola and to the world of haute cuisine. I still do some ghostwriting and editorial advising, but I’m mainly focused on writing my own books and translating works of others.

While doing all of this, I jot down ideas and stories in virtual and paper notebooks. (I’ve been blogging since 2005: kitschnet, Time Enough At LastBom Texto).

Some of these notes end up becoming projects, others are gone with the wind. I’ve already published several books, and there are several more in the oven, some of with text and some without.

The words were always my compass, but the pictorial side wasn’t left behind. I’m always surrounded by the visual arts, I read about aesthetics, art history and theory, and it was no accident that I fell in love with letterpress printing in 2012. Miss Print is an important alter ego of mine.

On this website I’ll share what I’ve been up to, and also what I’m currently working on. If it all seems a bit of a hodgepodge, don’t be alarmed. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.